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The Founder/Executive Director

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One of my favorite saying is, "Never Judge A Book By It's Cover." 

One that I live by is, "Show The World Who You Are, Not By That Piece Of Paper."

I go by these two sayings, because I beat them both through the eyes of others. Being involved with the wrong person, being abused physically and mentally for years. When one day I just SNAPPED, everything went BLACK and I ended up being a piece of paper. With doors being slammed in my face, opportunities not being given, walking with my head down, couldn't even look at the reflection in the mirror, truth turn to lies, I became a bitter person, I was totally broken Physically and Mentally. No Trust, No Love, Being Hurt Over and Over, and finally The MONSTER was REVEALED. 


Who Am I Today

You is LOVE, 

You are SPECIAL,

You is TRUST,




Found Me, Found God and Found Love within me. Now after this you would think that everything would be fine and I will be happy for the rest of my life. No one can have that perfect life, where there are no ups and downs, just being happy and never sad.


The worst day of my life happened, the death of my daughter. Her name was Latisha but everyone called her Smiley. Because that smile was like an Angel in the sky. This is the day that I realized all that I had been through, was nothing compared to this hurt, pain and loss in my life.


My Faith was shattered and broken, I did not care about anyone or myself. I did not want to live without her and I just let myself go. I almost ended my own life, by not caring about my life anymore. I had to go back to that most hurtful day of my life. You see, I saw my daughter come into this world and I saw my daughter leave this world. She passed away in my arms and asked me for a promise. Her last words to me, "Mom I Know I Am Not Going To Be With You Physically, But I Will be With You Spiritually, I Need You To Keep blessing People. I Know You Love Me and I Love You Mom!" She looked up and her head fell on my chest. I never screamed so loud in my life that day.


I have been giving back since August 21, 2001, with my baby right by my side. This was hard for me to continue without her, because she was the reason for me giving. It took me 6 years to get it together and keep this promise to her. June 14, 2016 is when my baby gained her wings at 23 years old. I kept that promise, today I introduce my baby's legacy to the world, Smiley's Sweets.


This organization is built from hurt, pain, loss and now Love. Today I embrace it all to be that blessing out there in this world. This is how I GRIEVE by being a BLESSING to others.

My Light Now Shines Again!

Cheresse Davenport, Smiley's Mom

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