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Men's Day

Men's Brunch

Bringing the men together.

Men's Day.jpg

Sports Food Setup

The President did her thing for these men today.

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Less Guns & More Fun Coordinator

Our Board Director/Department Executive does more than monitor the departments. Dr. Brian T. Long is also over Less Guns and More Fun. Sharing his story, giving men a purpose of change and having a great time with fellowship.

Men's Day 1.jpg

Setting Up

Gameroom Theme

Men's Day 10.jpg

Scooby Doo Table

Raffle giveaways and thank you bags.

Men's Day 7.jpg

Special Guest

Deputy Malino, the men really enjoyed him. A awesome man and he cares about the community.

Men's Day 2.jpg

Special Guest

Saul Navarro was awesome and will be connecting with Smiley's Sweets.

Men's Day 3.jpg

You Have To Do What You Need To Do Sometimes

Single dad had to bring his children. No problem at all, they fitted right in.

Men's Day 6.jpg

The Men

We appreciated the men that caught out and gave us a chance.

Men's Day 4.jpg

For The Men Today

Our Speakers did an awesome job today.

Men's Day 5.jpg
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